Running ‘Coworkation’ and ‘Freedom X Fest’ with Stuart Jones

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On this week’s episode of ‘The Events Podcast’ I spoke with Stuart Jones. Stuart runs a series of entrepreneurial retreats in cool locations called coworkation and just ran his first conference Freedom X Fest in the Spanish Pyrenees which lasted 6 days and had over 400 attendees!

Stuart came to Europe from Australia as a backpacker and started off in Spain where he had a lot of adventures; from turning his apartment into a ‘pop up hostel’ to running pub crawls then guided trips to Oktoberfest amongst other destinations.

Stuart focused on getting a good database of companies selling products to the digital nomad/location independent community in order to get them to co promote his events and/or become sponsors.

Stuart maintains an active Facebook page which has over 18,000 likes and shares a lot of photos and content there to build interest in his events. He talked about how he uses YouTube and Instagram to promote his events as the cool locations lend themselves well to this type of visual marketing.

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More info about Stuart is below.

About Stuart Jones

 Stuart has been a Location Independent Entrepreneur over the past 15 years. He has founded several location specific event companies in Barcelona, yet his passion for travel and unconventional work practices fueled his desire to create a truly lifestyle-based business model. An avid ‘future of work’ enthusiastic and itinerant traveller, Stuart brings his is experience of the location independent lifestyle with Coworkation, curating Travel Inspiration & Professional retreats for entrepreneurs and creatives.
Check out his website: