Sell tickets like it’s 2025.

The age of NFT tickets and digital merch has arrived.

NFT Ticket

Used by 4000+ organisers around the world


Custom landing page builder

Create an event page by simply filling out the basic information, setting up payments, and then creating tickets and discounts.


NFT Creator

Make tickets in minutes using your own images or our templates.


Your own NFT Merch shop

Sell any digital merch from caps to mugs for the owner to use on social media, AR platforms, and throughout the metaverse.

Smart Contract creator


Community portal


NFT Marketplace


Use Cases

 Monetize your preferred NFT use case

NFT tickets

Create and distribute with ease.


One-of-a-kind items e.g. signed digital cards.

Digital fashion

Wearables for the metaverse.

AR filters

Unique for any AR supported platform.


Digital collectibles for fans.

Entry access

For exclusive events and content.

Simple and transparent pricing


- Free tickets are free
- Platform with full features
- No hidden payments

2% fee

- Per sold ticket
- Fee charged bi-weekly
- Payment processor fee not included


- Available both for free and paid tickets
- Including fee for minting the NFT ticket

Unlock the ticket’s potential with NFTs

Boost revenue with collectible items for fans

Receive royalties every time the NFT is resold

Low fees and fast minting

Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

"The discount structure is great and really well considered. It feels like it's made by a team that really understand what I need. The ability to create sub-tickets is a nice addition and one that will be really useful."

Jon N

Event organiser

"The interface is very straightforward, not intimidating. Creating and/or editing tickets is very easy. I love how easy it is to create discounts. I've tried other online ticketing system before and managing multiple/overlapping discounts was a pain. EventsFrame made our process much more efficient."

Jane Jacquelie V.

Event organiser

"EventsFrame is game changer for running events! I’ve organised small conferences using Eventbrite, and I won’t be going back after setting up EventsFrame for my next conference. EventsFrame has a user-friendly interface and has been incredibly easy to implement."

Nam S.

Event organiser

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